Burnham Lighthouse

As the weather cleared up a bit yesterday I decided to take a trip up to Burnham Lighthouse in the afternoon (one of the sites on my landscape locations map). The original idea was to arrive at the highest point of high tide and use my new Lee Big Stopper filter to extend the exposure and create that smooth, misty water effect. Unfortunately I was delayed and the tide changes quickly there so it was already too far out to get the desired effect.

The filter is a new toy and I haven’t had a huge amount of opportunity to test it so I’m still not sure how to get the best out of it yet. I do know after this trip that although it cuts out light by 10 stops this isn’t sufficient to create any real effect on a sunny afternoon. It would seem that dusk or later is still required. In the end I decided to grab a few bracketed exposures and practice HDR processing; below is the best I’ve been able to achieve this time.

Burnham Lighthouse HDR Edit LR-


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