Learning Photoshop #1

So I recently bought Photoshop CC as part of their Photoshop Photography Programme and decided that I better try to learn how to use it! Lacking inspiration I took a random portrait and set out to see what I could (or couldn’t) do.

The first image in the sequence below shows how the photo came out of the camera. I then imported the picture into Lightroom 5 and made some basic edits to the saturation, exposure, contrast and clarity (second image). Using Adobe Bridge I opened the file in Photoshop and followed a couple of tutorials I found on line; In the end the edits I made were a bit of an amalgamation of both (third image).

I wanted to add a vignette to finish it off but after a frustrating half hour of failing in Photoshop I reopened my picture in Lightroom and made some final adjustments, including the vignette!! I’m guessing this is not what the pros would suggest but it seems to have worked for me so can’t complain too much.

H - Originial

First LR5 edit

Photoshop Edit

Final LR Edit





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